Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama for President

Fantastic speech tonight! I'm listening to the bloviacs on MSNBC tell me what to think about what I heard and saw tonight. Mostly, I've avoided the pundits this convention week. It's been much more interesting to watch the unedited CSPAN coverage.

Last night I kind of dozed out in the middle of it all. Bill Clinton has never been one of my favorite politicians, his folksy voice and demeanor, not to mention his far from progressive policies, were not my cup of tea. I did wake up in time to see Jon Stewart's coverage of the prior night. A half hour of Jon and company is worth far more than 6 non-stop hours of MSNBC. And what's with all the public feuding over there, anyway? How unprofessional can you get? Even Rachel Maddow looks stressed beyond measure.

As a former Hillary voter (but one who never did send her any campaign funds), I never had any doubt after she lost the primary that I'd be voting for Barack Obama over John McCain. I think Obama has grown immensely over the campaign, and I look forward to him stepping it up even more for the debates.


Dave P. said...

Truly a wonderful speech.

We can't deal with the pundits either, so we watch PBS. I love Mark Shields. The only bummer is David Brooks, who is an idiot (and who thought Obama's speech was "underwhelming" and a disappointment).

Village Green said...

38 million viewers I hear -- more than the biggest night of Olympics coverage. That's amazing!