Monday, August 25, 2008

Dems convene in my living room on CSpan

I figured out quickly that the best view of the convention was the one unadorned by punditry and available only on CSpan. I got to listen to every speech without interruptions and make up my own mind about what was said. If you didn't hear Jesse Jackson Jr's speech, you weren't watching CSpan.

There were plenty of other interesting voices on display, including a moderate Republican former Representative Jim Leach, who although looking typically Republican in appearance, came across as a man of principle. I cannot help but think that a country with more moderate and liberal Republicans would be better for us all, regardless of party affiliation.

The big speeches tonight were total tear-duct opening events. Ted Kennedy's speech with his big rousing words drowned out all the pettiness (from pundits mostly) and set the convention floor on fire. At home, I was cheering so loud, I startled the faithful huskador retriever out of his deep sleep. I hope he is indeed on the senate floor next January, ready to turn us all toward the notion that yes, health care for all should be a basic human right.

Michelle Obama was utterly delightful and such a splendid image of strength, intellect and caring. Loved the kids, the brother, the mother. Splendid people, these new millennium Democrats!

I had MSNBC on prior to the start of the evening and tuned back over after the final speech to see if the pundits had stopped talking about possible trouble with the Clintons and/or the latest polls. Tom Brokaw is now on my list of people to switch off as soon as I see his arrogant face. The way he spoke to Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press yesterday was demeaning. He must have caught a bad case of Tim Russertitis, as he tried to go for the gotcha on various topics.
Questioning her about off-shore drilling, he refused to hear her very realistic answer in which she bluntly stated that the Dems will use off-shore drilling to reel in Republican votes on clean energy initiatives. Simply because it suited him, Brokaw refused to acknowledge her logic, rather cut her off with a dismissive, "So it sounds like we will have off-shore drilling," and then on to another attack.

I don't put much stock in those NBC/MSNBC babblers. They aren't happy unless there is controversy and quite frankly, the Dems look ready to pull together and go for the gold. I know I am ready for that.

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KevinBBG said...

I didn't see Meet the Press so I can't comment on it, but that does sound just like the way Russert did it and why I didn't like him much. I've usually liked Brokaw until now so I will reserve judgment unless I see something that really ticks me off.

But last night Keith Olbermann was fun to watch. He was just as excited as you were and was gushing like a kid meeting his long-time idols over Kennedy and Michelle.