Friday, August 29, 2008

Breaking News -- Akron to recycle plastics 1 - 7!

When I began this blog at the end of summer in 2006, the City of Akron was rolling out the new green trash bins along with blue recycle bins for paper, glass and plastic containers marked #1 and #2. I owe my growing passion for recycling and environmental issues to the city for initiating their program, because it lead me to ask, "What am I supposed to do with plastics three, four, five, six and seven?" You can see my initial question in the heading intro at the top of this blog.

I have been informed by a source from a local non-profit environmental group that Akron will start collecting all plastics as of this October, the city having found a company that is willing to handle all our plastics for recycling! The day this happens will be a great day for our city, even if few of us actually celebrate it.

It sounds like the folks who have been working on Akron's Greenprint have taken their task seriously and have already found ways to make major positive changes in the way we deal with our trash. We have our work cut out for us:
Akron ranks 62nd in per capita carbon emissions among the nation’s 100 largest metro areas. The average Akron resident is said to have produced 2.637 tons of carbon, from highway transportation and residential energy in 2005 compared to 2.60 tons of carbon emitted by the average American from transportation and residential energy. The study indicates Akron’s per capita footprint increased 8.47% in these two areas between 2000 and 2005. [Keep Akron Beautiful]
It is time to stop the carbon spewing and find healthy sustainable ways of living in Akron. So many sidewalks and so few citizens actually walking from place to place! We need to continue to make our neighborhoods safe, friendly and green!

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Dave P. said...

Great news! Thanks for the tip.