Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary rocks the convention!

Okay, quick -- which band covered You Really Got Me that started off Hillary's introduction video? I don't know -- didn't sound like Van Halen -- and it is driving me nuts! Regular readers may well guess that I was up and screaming when I heard that Kinks riff!

Green collar jobs are very much on the minds of Democrats across the country. Ohio has got to kick it in gear and get with the greening process, because if we don't, every alternative energy project we want to do will have to look for workers outside the state. We need technical and engineering training in support of the green economy. Kathleen Sebelius referred to her state's motto "ad Astra per Aspera" -- to the stars with difficulty -- as how we must view our movement forward to energy efficiency. I hope the Dems stick with this message and that the American public is finally ready to put our best brains and effort into a sustainable future.

What a grand night for the Democrats! From an impressive display of Democratic women senators and governors to working class people who had obviously never spoken into a microphone before and then the lively and fun governor of Montana who got the crowd really focused and ready for Hillary's speech.

And what a speech it was! She gave everybody their due, and provided the Obama campaign with great footage for countless commercials. Fabulous lines skewering the Republicans and igniting everybody who wants to see this country move toward health and happiness and away from terror alerts and bankruptcy. She had me in tears at many parts of the speech. As a woman, I could not help be moved deeply by her efforts and her accomplishments on behalf of those of us who still are making only 77 cents for every dollar that men make. I think that figure has stayed the same all of my adult life.

Thanks Hillary! Go Obama! You both "Really Got Me!"

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