Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why did they take my train station away?

A four day weekend and I'm outta here.

First stop, Rochester NY to see finally the amazing Storm Large live on stage as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. Then on to Poughkeepsie for fun times with old friends, there and back again by train.

I hate it that Amtrak stopped service in Akron. I would so love to make the five minute drive to the station from my house and jump on board for points east or west. Instead, I must drive all the way to Cleveland to catch an Amtrak train.

Trains are the most civilized form of transportation. They go at a pace that gives one opportunity to think, read, sketch, work on a laptop or snooze without feeling crowded or stressed, unlike the present day hassles of flying. Flying is also bad for the environment and I'm thinking I should save my flying for true life essentials like catching the opening of Ray Davies' musical in England, whenever that finally hits the boards.

But meanwhile, I'm thrilled to get to see Storm's performance and I will be reviewing the production here, you can bet on it

While I'm gone, be sure to check out the Carnival of Ohio Politics, celebrating its 100th issue with 100 posts from Ohio bloggers of all persuasions. Thanks to all the folks who put that together. This was my first carnival of anything anywhere! I'll try to find something worthy to send along for future editions.

Leaving you with the only video bit of Storm Large as Sally Bowles that I could find on YouTube:


Dave P. said...

Whenever we travel, we're always frustrated at the lack of train options. Especially when I sit at O'Hare for hours as flight after flight is delayed because of severe crosswinds. Last year, while traveling from the Quad Cities to Cincinnati, my Chicago-to-Cincy flights got canceled, so I got rerouted thru Atlanta. Yes, that's efficient.

I took the Amtrak from Chicago to Cincinnati once -- it took 10-12 hours (for a five-hour drive) and got me to Cinti at 4am.

My mom is British, and whenever she visits her family, they take trains everywhere. So frustrating.

microdot said...

Dot was eet? Did Storm perform in any of the different performing comepanies of Caberet? If she did, chances are that she was wearing a piece of stage make up that I designed! I was doing custom work for the Cleveland Caberet show and all the different groups performing back around from the inception of the revival of the musical up to 2000......The butt cheek swastika? No, a male performer wore that....

But, I always take the train! I have a little station (Le Lardin-St. Lazare) about 16 kilometers from here where a regional train travels between Brive la Gaillarde and Perigueux 8 times a day. I can get to Bordeaux in just under two hours! I can get to Paris in 5 hours!
There are so many plans and discounts on the SNCF, Student use it to get to school every day, people use it to commute to and from work! When I go to Bordeaux, I am amazed at how many people get on and off the trai at all the tiny places the train stops at.
The little Corail rains are so cute!
Now there is a TGV connection from Limoges to DeGaullle airport!
In stead of letting the railroad system decay here, it is how we are going to keep truck off of the road, it is only getting bigger! As far as the difference between diving, taking a regional plane or the traiin inot a city center, the trains are winning, hands down!

Village Green said...


I know what you mean about the British trains and boy do I wish we had a system like that here. My mom's British too, by the way!

Village Green said...

Microdot, I didn't notice a tattoo as you describe, but I was sitting house right and maybe it was on a left buttock! What an interesting and varied career you have had and continue to do so. I have not been to France, but I am sure your trains are just as wonderful as the British system -- and I'm sure the scenery is beyond breath-taking.