Thursday, January 03, 2008

Congratulations Barack Obama!

What a great win in Iowa! If he can keep up the momentum, Hillary may well find herself scrambling for some new talking points. But how does she make herself acceptable without stealing Obama's lines?

The breakdown in stats tells us that Obama got the youth vote and the independent vote along with a solid third of Democrats. He also won the women's vote. Edwards was counting on the unions and they let him down. Edwards had nothing to say to the other candidates in his post caucus speech -- not very classy.

Hillary is currently leading in the national polls but for how long? It will be very interesting to see how the campaigns redirect their energies after tonight. Will America jump on the Obama Express ride toward Change? Will Hillary go negative or go gracefully? Or will she find some way to put a halt to Obama's charisma and political charm?

Biden, Dodd and Gravel are out. I took Mike's banner down earlier today before the caucuses, sensing perhaps that his participation in the race was ending. I enjoyed his comments along the way and I do think that he and Dennis Kucinich served a very worthwhile purpose in the year long race to this the first 2008 presidential caucus. I got the photo of Barack from his web site and also downloaded a banner which I might be putting up here very soon.

Finally, props to all the local Obama supporters, especially to the gang at The Chief Source and to Terra (not terror) who have been actively promoting his candidacy. I think one of the greatest selling points in Barack's favor is that he is the youth candidate and that so many people regardless of age appreciate that he is neither a Bush or a Clinton and he never voted to authorize the war in Iraq.

One should never totally trust a politician because they can never represent you in all the ways you'd like. But when it comes time to make a choice, you have to look for the least objectionable one and maybe if you are lucky, one who will take positive actions that benefit us more than they hurt us. I posted last night that I would be happy with any of the Democrats and that is a good sign. I think Obama's victory tonight is a victory for the voters, not the political machines.

So go Obama. Best wishes for New Hampshire!

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Dan said...

Gravel is not out. MSNBC ran misinformation. Check for more information.