Wednesday, January 23, 2008

US release of Working Man's Cafe will have bonus tracks

Ray Davies' Working Man's Cafe will appear in three versions in US release. The single cd release will have one new track entitled Angola (Wrong Side of the Law), plus two demo versions of "Vietnam Cowboys" and "The Voodoo Walk."

A "deluxe" cd/dvd version will have the three listed above plus something called "I, Victim" from a rough mix from an upcoming project called "Ripper." The dvd will feature a 20 minute film:
...titled “Americana: A Work In Progress,” which was filmed and directed by Davies. It features footage from the fall 2001 Storyteller Tour. Ray narrates over the post-9/11 landscape of airports, freeways, hotels, soundchecks and performances, with songs from Working Man’s CafĂ© as the soundtrack. It all culminates in New Orleans, the city that inspired many of the songs on the new album.
The above from Harp Magazine, which includes a link to a video promo of the film.

Working Man's Cafe will also be released in "high quality 180g vinyl." Although I still maintain a record player and a collection of old albums, I'm not really keen on buying new ones. Polyvinyl chloride is a problematic substance and is known to leach dioxide into the air, land and water. Although thermal depolymerization is on the horizon as a means to deal with PVC, it is probably best not to buy more of it.

February 19th is the projected release date, and pre-orders are being taken at your favorite online music sellers. I will be buying the deluxe edition and recycling the UK edition that I bought last fall to someone else. If you haven't obtained it yet, I suggest downloading it as the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy the music.

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