Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Updates and breaking news

CBS pulled Leah's CSI: NYC episode that was scheduled to air tonight and replaced it with a rerun. I'm assuming the schedule is changing as the strike goes on longer and longer. Maybe they want to save a new episode for January. I will try to track down when it is set to air.

Longest running comment thread at the Village Green can be found here. A new question tonight: which is the best choice, eating a soyburger trucked in from the west coast or dining on locally grown free-range animal flesh?


I've looked around town, but haven't seen any blogger comments other than Eric Manfield's on the Marco Sommerville smackdown of police chief Matulavich. The mayor evidently is not out there defending his chief in any meaningful way. What is going on here in Akron? Looks like a lot of macho posturing to me.

Marco claims the chief is not doing a good job, the implication -- I bet -- going back to the cops initially reporting they were the shooters in the Vinson case, whereas it turned out that the teenager shot himself before the police released their triggers.

Think before you act is wise advice, but Marco Sommerville only recently forgot to take his firearm out of his luggage and got caught by security at the airport and got busted for it. So why is the newly re-elected council president now gunning for the police chief and accusing him of errors in judgment? Sheesh -- come on boys, why don't you just have a cup of eggnog and settle down for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

Well, I live on the West Coast. But if I lived where you do, I'd vote for the local animal flesh, as long as the animal in question got to eat what animals of its kind are meant to eat and got to do what that type of animal has evolved to do without hormones or antibiotics. (You didn't specify what kind of animal we're talking about.)

Soy has big problems, as you may know, unless it's grown organically. It's up there with corn. And apparently eating too much unfermented soy is not that great for us after all.

That said, I like my diet to be balanced with all sorts of foods. I do eat animal flesh occasionally as well as soy and other beans and enjoy many different kinds of protein.

Village Green said...

There really is no choice between the two options given if one is a vegetarian, so perhaps the question needs to be refined in some way. I didn't pose that question, by the way.

I do think it is important to consider the circumstances under which food is grown and transported as well as what other processing is imposed.

What happens when you can't locate locally grown organic soybeans? You look for organic soybean products and pay the extra for shipping costs.