Saturday, December 29, 2007

Take a ride on Devil Gate Drive

The Accidental Akronite tossed in a Suzi Quatro reference in a recent post, and that sent me scurrying for my collection (vinyl) of Suzi recordings. And then the slowly dawning realization, that by golly -- there's bound to be Suzi on YouTube. Sure enough -- here's an early video from the 70s. Suzie rocked then and continues to do so. You can catch up with her career here. Every woman rocker owes her big time. I never got to see her perform, but I did have a ticket to see Fanny. They were coming to Akron, but the band broke up on the road.


microdot said...

Do you remember the Quattro Sisters Band before Fanny?
They were a Detroit Band in the late 60's. Her brother Mike was one of the big Rock promoters in the area
I saw Cradle at a very strange show at thge Michigan State Fair Grounds when I was 15. It was a "marketing event" for mod type hippy gear, I bought a polka dotted carnaby style shirt. They were selling faceted granny get the picture...
The bands though were incredble, Cradle, Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs and the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck and the Blues Magoos!

Village Green said...

As I was posting this last night I thought of you, Microdot! Wondered if you'd ever run into the Quatros up there in Detroit. Sure enough! Wow, wish I'd been at the Michigan State Fairgrounds for that concert.