Thursday, December 13, 2007

Major League Drugs

Looking over the list of "enhanced" players over the past decade or so, hoping not to run into names of any favorite players. No Omar, no Alomar brothers. Only some transient All-Stars popped into view: David Justice and David Segui made a couple of stops in Cleveland to collect some fancy paychecks and then move on to better sources of money and drugs.

Roger Clemens -- words cannot express my disgust! When I think of all the games he won by overpowering his opponents, all the while pumping himself full of various cheating potions. Everything he touched is now suspect. What a colossal ego, to risk the integrity of his sport (not to mention his health) on banned substances.

If this is what the public really wants, to see athletes unnaturally pumped up into comic book super hero figures, then there really should be two leagues: The League of Artificially Enhanced Players and the Major League Naturals.

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