Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Maximum Consumption Sure Keeps Getting Me Down

"Arctic warming trend speeds up" is the top of the fold headline in today's ABJ, stretched above a color photo of an iceberg floating away from Greenland. The sky is a sickening orange and the water a bloody purple bleeding ice melt into the Atlantic.

I imagine Mr and Mrs Consumer at home reading the local rag over the dining room table. He is deep inside the business section, while she is looking for ads for the latest sales. He looks up and sees the headline on the section she is reading:

He: Well look at that will, ya? The arctic warming trend is speeding up.

She: Hm?

He: Hey, let me have that for a minute. (He reaches over and grabs Section A from her hands)

She: Oooo there's a 50 Percent off coupon at Macy's on the back page!

He: (unfolding the front page and reading) "Rate of ice melting near 'tipping point'...Ice melting accelerates to new levels." Somebody ought to do something about that.

She: Hybrid SUVs are on sale now!

He: Let's go shopping! We can stop at Macy's on the way and pick up some takeout on the way home.

They return home later laden with plastic bags filled with stuff they don't need, packaged in non-recyclable plastics and pasteboard. Their plastic credit cards came in handy.

So is this a march toward extinction? A massive die-off of our species? Certainly those in control of the United States government have their heads up their alimentary tracts about that possibility. The Bush regime continues to pour outrageous amounts of firearm detritus and toxic smoke into the atmosphere in utter disregard for the future of the planet. And in the U$, the citizens are prompted to shop and sell each other real estate.


terra said...

Sadly, 1/2 of my husband's honors class doesn't believe in global warming. They acknowledged that they would be more likely to accept it if it weren't so political. I think people make it political for themselves. We all know that politicians are failures, so why do we follow their path and divide ourselves against our better judgment. If people don't want an issue to be political, they shouldn't make it so. I'm pretty sure there's no turning back, as you pointed out in your hypothetical, Hybrid SUVs seem to make sense, so 2 people climb into their 7 person car to drive a paved road to the mall to spend money they don't have. It's an endless cycle.
(I'm still wondering why people pay someone else to put water in a bottle for them... I'll never get that one)

Dave P. said...

Most of our relatives don't buy it -- it's just more liberal claptrap, and it'll pass. At best, they're apathetic about it. So sad.