Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Speaking truth to power

Thank you, Michael Moore, for refusing to pretend everything was all right when you went on the Wolf Blitzer show. You were right about not waging war in Iraq. You are right about health care.

I hope your response to Wolf Blitzer gives your film a huge bump at the box office. That would indeed be justice served! Corporate media no longer pursues journalism. It provides endless distractions and instant opinions that lead us far away from the truth.

There was a deep insight in your film, the idea that all the countries with single-payer health systems operate that way because the people in those countries demand such services. In this country, we the people allow our representatives to make decisions based upon corporate interests. We do so because we are already in debt and are afraid of making waves. We are told we are lucky to have a job, and encouraged to work long hours. Easy credit offers abound along with all the tempting must-have products on view 24 hours a day via cable and computer.

Michael Moore did a short online chat at Huffington Post after his return appearance on Larry King to debate Dr. Sanjay Gupta. It is worth reading through the comments posted there. Many more personal testimonies are joining in the chorus. We have to keep it up. Don't let the powers that be keep us in debt and fear any longer.

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