Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hanging it out to dry

My electric bill rose to $53.77 for the month of June. In May, I had reached a new low of 42.28 through a combination of replacing all bulbs in my house with CFLs and by turning off power strips that hold all my computer related devices and various chargers. What changed in June? High temperatures have kept me running an air conditioner and a room fan for most of the month, often for 18 hours a day. So I discover I am paying about 11 dollars per month for cooling.

It strikes me that my bill would have been higher yet, except I began hanging out my laundry to dry once school was out and the sun began heating up. Hanging out the laundry was the norm when I was a kid in the 50s. I quite enjoy revisiting this old chore every summer. There's something intrinsically pleasurable about neatly pegging up the shirts, the pants, the towels and the undies to flap away under golden sun and blue skies. And then to caress and smell the clean dry clothes before unpegging and folding into a clothes basket, having saved the drier from a 20 minute run. Meanwhile, Oberon the amazing Huskador Retriever waits for the laundry to dry

It made me wonder two things -- how many people still hang out their washing and how to put up a poll on that topic at the Village Green? I found the poll instructions and all that's left is to ask you:

How often do you hang out your washing to dry?
every day
twice a week
once a week
once in a blue moon
never free polls

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