Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mike Gravel to appear on ABC News Sunday Morning

Getting ready to head off to Party for the Planet, but noticed this in my email box and thought I'd pass it along. Why not send Mike a few bucks? He is keeping all the other candidates on their toes and reminds us all what it really means to be a progressive liberal.

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel to Appear on ABC News Sunday Morning Show

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel to Appear on ABC News Sunday Morning Show

Presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel will appear on ABC News' popular Sunday morning talk show "This Week" on Sunday, July 8, at 10 a.m. (Eastern Time), which is hosted by George Stephanopoulos, the chief Washington correspondent for ABC News and a former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton.

Among other issues, Senator Gravel will discuss the growing ripple effect his campaign is having on the Democratic presidential race.

So tune in this Sunday morning to hear the Senator speak truth to power and discuss his plan to take back the country.

To learn more about Senator Gravel and the issues he advances, visit his web site at To view Senator Gravel's speeches and statements, visit the web site

Mike Gravel, a resident of Virginia, is a former two-term U.S. Senator from Alaska with a distinguished record that includes successfully ending the military draft with a five-month filibuster. He also released The Pentagon Papers, risking both prosecution and jail; played the leading role in making the Alaska pipeline a reality; and ended nuclear weapons testing in the seabed off Alaska. He is the driving force and author of the National Initiative for Democracy, a proposal to allow Americans to participate in making laws at the federal level.

Please make a donation to Mike Gravel for President in 2008 and help us build a strong campaign to take back America! Visit or call (202) 243-8303 to donate today!

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