Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Various distractions...

...keep me from posting as regularly as I would like. I've spent heaps of time outdoors, pulling weeds, watering and mulching. It is also the time of the year to face the piles of things to be filed.

At school, I fell into a habit of just tossing everything I hadn't filed into boxes at the end of the school year, promising myself I'll get to them "next year." But the next year never has time for that. Filing is the sort of activity that is always at the bottom of the list of Things To Be Done. Filing has no deadline associated with it, and that can lead to massive disorder and chaos!

Unfortunately, school is not the only place where piles of files can take over too many square feet of desk and table space. So I'm facing my file drawers at home and at work this week. The only thing that keeps it bearable is that there is a good solid organizational base within each drawer. The file folders may be dusty and untouched for too long, but by golly -- they are contained in drawers by subject and in alphabetical order! It is only a matter of sifting through each box of loose papers and clippings and putting each item in its proper place.

This time, I will be ruthless I promise myself! I will send boxes of paper to the recycle bin and try very hard not to accumulate so much in the future.


KevinBBG said...

I've been remiss on blog posting too, I'm just too stressed and spacing out so I can't concentrate or focus very well.

I hope you got to see my post on the granddaughter Ally:


I'm testing out the new Safari 3 beta, very, very fast, you should try it.

sab said...

Don't you love those recycle bins? No more stacks of little blue bags sitting around the house waiting for trash day.

Village Green said...

Kev! Don't stress. Stretch instead. Gentle spine stretches in all directions. Then I shake myself like a wet dog -- ridding my body of the day's tensions.

Ally is adorable!

Why would I want Safari over Firefox?

Village Green said...

SAB -- I DO love my blue recycle bin! Using it in conjunction with the green one has made me so aware of how much trash I personally am responsible for sending to the landfill.

And yes, the tidiness factor is a huge plus.