Thursday, June 07, 2007

Low Impact Fortnight

Uh oh. Looks like the last day of Low Impact Day has arrived and I'm only half way through my house. Low Impact Week at home coincides with the high intensity of the last week of school and all the attendant rituals, such as graduations, out-door days (formerly known as "field day"), clearing out the rubble from lockers and other storage areas, and packing up for the summer months.

Just because the official, as brought to you by Crunchy Chicken's blogs, Low Impact Week ends at midnight, doesn't mean I'm stopping with an examination of how I can make more individual improvements in my home and garden that will lead to less strain on the environment. So, look for more posts on:

The home office
The home studio
The living room
The basement
The garage.

Yikes, this might take me through the rest of the month!

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