Thursday, June 14, 2007


Haven't been able to sit through the basketball game tonight. Instead of watching a bunch of extremely big and really fit guys run up and down the court, I've been running up and down the stairs attacking the insides of this house with vacuum and feather duster. I am still in the grips of The End of the School Year Zone. Everything has to be packed up and put away so the fabulous custodial teams can clean and deep polish over the summer months.

So we go through the clutter, sifting papers and reflecting on the various memories of the year, all the while getting on with plans for the year to follow. Many things need to come home for the summer months, which makes it imperative to de-clutter at home so there's room to think and do some yoga and dance around the room to favorite music played real loud. And oh yeah, finish that master's thesis.

Need help de-cluttering your life? Have you tried out Flylady yet? I subscribed to her email reminder service for a year or so. Since then, I have always made my bed every morning, but I'm not so good about keeping my sink shining clean. I went over to her headquarters tonight as my mom reminded me of Flylady's powers. Looks like she has expanded her line of Flylady products, but the same format is there all in place with a few new tweaks. Warning -- Flylady attracts many home-schooling moms of the socially conservative and overtly religious type. I didn't have time to dig in tonight to see if the zeitgeist there has moved away from gushing Bush love.

Speaking of Bush, did anybody watch the new Comedy Central cartoon called Lil Bush? I guess the 29% presidential approval rating guarantees that this show is a smash success at least until the man is laughed out of office. Since nobody seems to be willing to impeach him, all that's left is continued public humiliations like this cartoon series. Highly recommend viewing for anyone who voted for the Shrub.

Standing "O" to the citizens of Massachusetts and their elected officials who turned back a bid to put gay marriage on the ballot. Massachusetts is the only state that decided not to be big meanies and not let people who love one another get married.

I got a new digital camera but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Above is a view of the shade garden, taken with the old camera. In the distance, can be seen the rain barrel patiently waiting for more much-needed rain. Coming soon, new pix of the garden and a photo tour along Kenmore Blvd. We're getting new sidewalks, a new branch library and some much needed sprucing up!


Terra said...

I've just discovered rain barrels and I can't wait to get one. Where did you get yours? Did you make it yourself?

Village Green said...

Actually, I am re-suing my old plastic trash container from the pre-offical Akron trash can era. I have a gutter that goes nowhere on a small roof over a side entrance. The water used to splash down onto the ground. Now it goes into the plastic container and I dip water out of it to pour on the flowers.

Warning! I have read that roofs made of contemporary materials can pollute the rain water so you should never put it on your edible plants. Check out Crunchy Chicken's blog for more details.