Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A stage full of fossils and other relics

Watching the debate of Republican all-male, all-white candidates for president is a lot like deciding which flavor of vanilla ice cream will go best with the white cake to be served at the church picnic. I guess it all depends upon which church's picnic you are willing to attend.

They sure did spend a lot of time talking about their various versions of "god." Best moment of the night was Giulani's response to Catholic criticism of his stance on abortion rights for women -- loud electric zaps shorted out his microphone as he attempted to strike a rational position in the face of a united troglodyte need to own and control the female's uterus. How many true believers watching at home turned to their companions and said -- "Did you hear that dear, Giulani is the devil's spawn!"

It is good to see so many of them dividing the dazed and confused Republican base. I liked the instant response graphics that showed how Independents reacted to various statements throughout the debate. No candidate is actually winning this thing. The numbers remain stagnant. As usual, Ron Paul was the only one who stood against the war in Iraq. With 72% of the population opposed to the war, I have to wonder just who these war-supporting Republicans think they are going to win over in a general election.

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