Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Time Tomorrow...

...I may be feeling better. Today I am down with a miserable cold. So I give you some Kinks and some footage from a French film just for Microdot! The Youtube credit lists it as Les Amants Reguliers by Philippe Garrel. I don't know the movie -- perhaps our favorite expatriot in France can fill us in. Speaking of Microdot, you can find out all about the candidates for president of France at his blog, The Brain Police. And what a fascinating lot of characters they are!

All right, time to give it over to the Kinks and head for recuperative rest.


microdot said...

merci village green! Je n'ai jamais vue cette film, mais j'adore cette morceau de musique par la Kinks!
J'ai une video a mon blog avec Segolene Royal qui a danser avec Jamel Debouze a la musique vivant par le rapper Diam's.
C'est Trop! Le prochaine presidente de France!

Village Green said...

Thank dog for Babel Fish! For the unFrenched (like me) here's the translation:

"thank you village green! I never saw this film, but I adore this piece of music by Kinks! I have video A my blog with Segolene Royal which has to dance with Jamel Debouze has the music living by the rapper Diam' S. It is Trop! Next the presidente of France!"

C'est Trop, indeed! Rushing right over now to check it out.