Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary -- Not! Four years in Iraq and still counting

Four long bloody pointless years in Iraq, with "leaders" as dumb and hard-headed as rocks. The NO IRAQ WAR window sticker in my vehicle, hand-made and placed there in the lead-up to the Petroleum War, is fading and sad. Rather like my hopes that our elected officials will do anything other than wring their hands and say "we can't" and point to the other side and blame each other. sent me an email asking me to tell the Democrats in Congress what to do because they don't know.

I think the Dems do know what to do but they can't because they don't have a veto proof majority. The fate of Iraq really lies in the hands of the Republican minority in the senate. The question becomes how long they back up their Decider. Having been programmed in talking points for seven long years, is there any chance the Pubs might decide for themselves and their constituents.

Clearly the anti-war pressure has to be turned on the senators who resist. Anybody know if any of the groups are focusing on this as a project? Here's a Wikipedia list of a whole bunch of anti-Iraq war groups. The photo above is from a group called Voices for Creative Nonviolence. I like their name but know nothing about them. You can visit them here.

Meanwhile, what the Democrats are doing is keeping the pressure on in various ways. I'd like to see a little less harping at each other about differences in tactics and more shoving it in the faces of the Pubs. After all, there are new hearings to be opened every week, so it seems. Thanks to the Pubs who are lifting up their own slimy stones and showing us the dirt in new and different ways each day.