Saturday, March 17, 2007

Escape to the fictitious past

When down with a cold, there's precious little to do except drink lots of liquids and sleep through it as much as possible. When awake, it's a good time to read a book until the eyes can't take it any more. So turn on the TV and watch what? It's Saturday night and by rights most people are out partying and drinking green beer. The TV schedule looks boring as can be. Random switching about leads me to BBC America and two episodes in a row of a new series -- Robin Hood.

Well I always liked Robin Hood. As a kid, I watched the old B&W series on Saturday mornings. "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen. Robin Hood Robin Hood with his band of men. Feared by the bad. Loved by the good. Robin Hood, Robin Hood." There's a tribute page to the old series starring Richard Greene well worth the read here. Interesting to find out that political refugees from America, blackballed in Hollywood via the McCarthy hearings, were involved in this British made-series.

So I had to watch the new series and I'm glad I did. The new Robin (Jonas Armstrong) doesn't wear tights, but he looks good whether shooting arrows or fleeing from the dogs in Sherwood Forest. The rest of the cast features fine British actors, many with long years of service in all the performing venues of stage, film, radio and television. Lucy Griffiths (Maid Marian) is young and just starting out in the biz. This Marian has more than spunk -- she turns out to be Robin's equal in giving to the poor and shooting arrows. Fun stuff and a fine way to while away the cold. I've already switched on the "record entire series plus repeats" feature on the dvr so I don't have to wake up at 8 AM tomorrow to watch episode one.

The above photo is of course of the greatest movie Robin ever, Errol Flynn. I borrowed the picture from a fan site called You can find more Flynn pics to drool over there.


Clement of the Glen said...

Love your site!

Perhaps you would be interested in learning more about Robin Hood? After all it was on the village greens that Robin's legend grew, with the folk plays and morris dancing!

Anyway I have a blog dedicated to a much neglected version by Disney made in 1952, called The Story Of Robin Hood. It was in my oppinion better than the Errol Flynn version and had many great 50's stars including Peter Finch, Joan Rice and Richard Todd.

I would love to know what you think!

Village Green said...

Wow! What a fantastic Robin Hood site you've created! I will be reading everything over spring break. Thank you so much for posting here.

However, I did vote for Errol Flynn in your poll. Though Jonas Armstrong is growing on me more and more each episode.

Philip Grant's Daughter said...

Also of course the tribute by Star Trek Generation where Patrick Stewart played Robin and the rest of the gang as Will Scarlet, Little John etc. did a fine take off of "Robin Hood", with the centerpiece being the big sword fight between Robin and Sr. Guy of Gisbourne down steps replicating the ones in your photo. One of the best of the Generation's series and one that replayed often.

Clement of the Glen said...

I'm so pleased you voted. I have had many people visit, but not many pluck up the courage and post.

I understand the DVD Story of Robin Hood is now available in the USA via the Disney Club. Unfortunately it is not available here in Merry England yet. They are more concerned with selling their cartoon version. perhaps they will in the future.

Bye for now.