Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Growing Gonzales Scandal

I had to stop everything tonight to take in the growing scandal with Attorney General Gonzales and the fired federal prosecutors. Keith Olberman had some excellent commentary tonight and there's some good blog reading over at TPMmuckraker.

Have we finally uncovered incontrovertible evidence of corrupt behavior that can be traced deep into the command center of the White House? I want to be glued to the tube night after night as the sordid tale unfolds. I want to grow fascinated by underlings who reveal matters of great import.

The Watergate Scandal held me like none has since. All the pale imitation "Gates" that were attached to lesser acts of purported wrong-doing never equalled that amazing journey toward the fall of the house of Nixon, brought to us by the dedicated digging of Woodward and Bernstein.

There are many trails to follow in the current story. I'm fascinated at the involvement of Harriet Meirs. Is this why she was proposed for Supreme Court? And then there was the change slipped into the Patriot Act, permanently taking away congressional approval of federal attorney appointments.

I hope that tomorrow this scandal has grown big strong legs that look to carry the whole lot of them toward permanent ouster. Can the FoxRovian spinners and dodgers get out of this one?


microdot said...

I'm going to make one of my imfamous predictions:

Gonzalez will be toast by Friday afternoon.

The prez and his lame excuses to the American public today, the silence of all three major Republican presidential candidates on the subject and the Conservative Presses attempt to use the bizarre "Clinton did it so it must be okay"
though clinton didn't do it and no administration has come close to an act such as this since Nixons imfamous "saturday night massacre".

Perhaps the firstt evidence of this trend was the demotion of Prosecutor Black back in the early days of the Abramoff Scandal when he stuck his nose into the Guam labor issue.

Village Green said...

Well I hope you are right. Can Bush bring himself to get rid of his best bud?