Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last night's blog post...this evening's Dream

...vanished in a frozen moment of blogger frustration. I don't know if it was Blogger or Firefox or my own impatient fingers trying to too many things all at once. I'm working on a Mac Mini, pre-Mactel version. It does good work and I enjoy it immensely and have had minimal problems with it unlike old Windows days.

But back to the post -- I couldn't re-write it. It was late, I was traumatized by the inability to save the writing, and I'd never be able to recapture the words -- at least not late on a work night in the middle of a week demanding week of school teaching and learning.

Keeping this post short tonight as I did go to see A Dream Play at the University of Akron. The cast has been working on their version of the play for over a year. I love it that Slowiak gives his students the opportunity to totally commit to the work and make it their own. This is a really really cool version of A Dream Play. Still on this weekend thru Saturday night. Go see it. Details here.


Pho said...

This is why I draft in word first. You can save in Word and keep working, unlike Blogger which saves the draft and makes you reopen it to continue. And in Word, even if I forget to keep saving, the autosave feature bails me out if something goes wrong.

Having said the above, I feel honor-bound to point out once again that as a word processing program, Word sucks out loud.

Village Green said...

I know, I know -- shoulda been smart, shoulda made it all nice and ready and then pasted it in. Next time!

Now can you sterr me to practical information about setting up a Feed and getting a feed reader? I'm assuming that once it is set up, it is a time saver, which would be invaluable here at the very busy Village Green.

Philip Gant's daughter said...

Or you can print a copy of your blog entry and hold on to it until you've previewed published it.