Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smart goes electric

Lots of news coming in on the next generation of smart fortwo, the electric drive version.

For an in depth look at smart's development and future plans, check out this article at Motortrends. Highlights include positive test results from smart's electric fleet established in London. While the test electric smarts give drivers 72 miles per charge, the company plans to boost that capacity to 150 miles per charge. The electric smart is a pure electric vehicle that can charge overnight.

Telsa Motors will be providing the batteries for the next generation of electric smart cars. From an article in the Mercury News:
Daimler, which also sells the Mercedes-Benz brand, chose Tesla because of its "well-founded battery know how," said Julia Engelhardt, a company spokeswoman based in New York City.
"We looked into several options, and it's the best possible solution when it comes to a battery-powered car."

What's unclear, she said, is whether the electric Smart will be available only in Europe, or in the United States as well. Since 2007, Smart has leased 100 electric vehicles in London. This spring, it will begin another pilot project with 100 EVs and 500 charging stations in Berlin. Later this year, 100 electric cars from both the Smart and the Mercedes-Benz brands will roll into three Italian cities.

The price for an electric Smart car has not been disclosed.The gasoline version of the Smart ForTwo starts at less than $12,000.

I wonder how much that electric drive will boost the cost of the car. Until a reasonably priced alternative energy car is developed, only the well-off will be able to drive green


The Intellectual Redneck said...

With the new SMART car gaining popularity, some other auto manufacturers are adapting their cars to compete. Here are some examples: They are the Smorche, the Smorvette and the Smamborghini. I like the Smamborghini. You can see then here. Smart car competition

Village Green said...

Thanks for stopping by, TIR. Very clever cars! I've never lusted after any kind of sports car. Just want something economical and environmental that can get me from point A to point B.