Saturday, January 24, 2009


While we get ready to go greener in the kitchen with new Energy Star appliances here at the Village Green, I'm posting this incredible Irish ditty by the Corrigan Brothers for you all to enjoy.

Lyrics are here. And a tip of the flat wool cap to Dr Don. Everybody sing along now:


mud_rake said...

Exactly! Obama's DNA has bits and pieces from the entire globe and, as such, he will be a great world-leader.

[his brain helps, too!]

microdot said...

But you know, Obama really is Irish!
He has a great grandfather (on his mothers side) from Cork named Kearny.

Village Green said...

Yes, I did know he had Irish roots and that is the whole point of the Corrigans' song. There was a great story in the NYT this weekend about all of his far flung relatives. Check it out if you can.