Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post Hurricane Blues

Ohio got hit by Hurricane Ike and I missed it mostly. I heard the wind kick up on Sunday, so I went outside and put the clothesline poles away and picked up the chrysanthemum plant I've been meaning to plant. It had blown off the outdoor table under the pine tree in back. Then I went back inside and dozed through it all, drugged out on cold medicine. What a fun weekend.

Monday's radio alarm told me that we weren't having school in Akron. And more -- there were over 60 thousand people who lost their power in the area. Many schools were closed, along with power lines down and lots of tree damage.

Tucked in between Summit Lake and the cliffs of Kenmore to the west, my little old house suffered no damage and we lost no power. So I spent the free day working on my thesis -- it's almost done, I'm deep into the last chapter, having finally figured out how to end the damn thing! Oh how happy I'll be once it is done and over with, and I can turn my writing time into more blogging about how to make Akron a greener and more theatrical place to live!

Meanwhile, folks in Ike's trail find themselves in dire circumstances and even more dire need. Time to pony up and send some money to the Red Cross. Click here and send something, small or large, as your finances allow.

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