Thursday, September 04, 2008

As the chihuahua snaps

Sarah Palin came across as a mean little yapper in her speech last night. The mainstream media is laying it on thick, as if they were watching that speech in an alternative universe. Somewhere in a Bizarro World, meanness and mendacity are the benchmarks for getting good grades on your persuasive speech.

I watched Great American Dog last night rather than the Republican Convention. So maybe that is why I'm seeing dogs when I should see an Alaskan feminine-ist. I will say that Palin looked well-trained for last night's sporting event. It was immediately apparent that she can read a teleprompter and is adept at interpreting a speech written two weeks before she was selected. However, she's been hidden away for some secret extra training today. McCain wants to make sure she can heel, sit and draw Democratic blood at least three times per paragraph.

I'm getting my convention "news" from The Daily Show. John Stewart is doing a brilliant job of wrapping up each day's screeching points. Lots of great laughs, especially Samantha Bee trying to get Republicans to say the word "choice" in reference to the "private decision" made by young Bristol to keep her baby.

I looked for snarling chihuahua clips on YouTube, but every single one involved a male pet owner provoking the little dogs to snap. Not the kind of image I care to promote here, so I'll leave you with much happier, down to earth must-be Democratic dog footage:


IronyMan said...

Ha! I was looking for something else, in my email archives, and found this…
Sun, Mar 09, 2008 11:13 PM
WSD: “I have chosen to maintain a blogging demeanor that avoids insulting language … ”

Village Green said...

A creative metaphor and a much nicer image than that her own "pitbull with lipstick."

ACB said...

"Chihuahua" is less insulting than "pit bull" ?
That must be why your "much happier, down to earth must-be Democratic dog" was ... a bulldog.
Yeh, that flies.

Village Green said...

Then I expect you are as quick to condemn the term "Shrillary" in political discussions.