Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just say no to the Republican convention

...and to Tom Brokaw as well. I jut got home from work, turned on MSNBC only to find Tom chatting away with Rahm Emanuel and then Joe Lieberman -- live from the GOP convention. Ten minutes was ten too many. I switched off the TV and it is staying off for the duration of the Republican gathering. Yesterday, I switched off after two minutes of Cindy and Laura introducing each other as Mrs Bush and Mrs McCain. I'll leave them to their 1950s stylin' while I continue to eke out a living here in the 21st century.

I figure if anybody says anything of importance, I can see it on YouTube or read Digby. Otherwise, my time is best spent on other more important things. I watched the Democratic convention all last week with great interest. They have a political party platform that I can support. The Repubs, however, continue to be anti-women, anti-gay, anti environment, anti-intellectual, and anti-science. I'm sure there are more anti's to be listed, I just don't feel like giving them any more of my time tonight.

May their ratings sink along with their candidates. Join me in turning off their convention. Instead -- celebrate this! Barack has reached the magic number of 50% in the Gallup polls over the three day weekend.


KevinBBG said...

Mrs. Bush came on unexpectedly last night and I couldn't change the channel fast enough, These people make me too angry to ever watch very much of them. I don't see how anyone can watch them and not be depressed. And to add to the joy St. Paul has become a police state for the convention:


KevinBBG said...

That link didn't come out right, I'm going to try it in html


ACB said...

Polls, you say? mmmmmmyeah, how's that working out for ya?