Friday, August 03, 2007

How Progressive is Your Senator?

You can find out just how progressive your senators and your congressional representative are at Progressive Punch. Not only that, you can look at each member's voting record divided into key subject areas such as Housing, War & Peace, Heath Care under which all legislative action is listed along with your representative's vote compared with the Progressive vote.

How do they determine what is the Progressive vote, I asked myself and found their answer under a link to the page What is a Progressive Score? Essentially, they have developed an algorithm based upon key votes :

The algorithm that we've used to come up with these progressive scores is that we take ANY VOTE in which a majority of those progressives--so in the House say, if there were no absences, it would be 20 of the 39--voted in contradistinction to a majority of the Republican caucus then that vote then qualifies for the database. The same process is used in the Senate.

So how did my senators and representative figure on the progressive scale? With a Progressive Score across all issues of 94.81 Betty Sutton holds down postion 19 out of 433! Excellent way to jump in and represent us, Betty!

Incidentally, the house member with the lowest progressive score (a measly .81%) and dead last at 433 is a conservative representing Ohio's 4th District, Jim Jordan. Jim was named Pro-Life legislator of the year, according to his web site. Look at his voting record here and see how much he really cares about American families.

Next up, Senator Brown! I am happy to report that Sherrod is Number 5 in the US Senate with a progressive score of 96.41. He's higher than Ted Kennedy! The 4 senators with higher progressive scores are: Sidney Whitehouse (97.62), Benjamin Cardin (97.60), Bob Casey (97.02) and Jack Reed (96.61). Rhode Island must be the most progressive state in the country with two senators in the top four.

Senator Clinton comes in at a respectable 14th place with Barack Obama hard on her heels at 15. Senator Voinovich shows up in 58th place which sounds more middle of the roadish than bereft of common decency, however his progressive score is only 14.50. That means, that everybody from 59th place on is below 14.5! In fact, there are 34 senators with progressive scores lower than 10.0. The man on the bottom, truly representing the No Interest in Progress caucus, is John Barrasso from WY who has a score of 0. True, he has only been in office since June, but with his pro-life, anti-gay and let's all pray in school agenda he is sure to give John Cornyn (score 2.76/99th out of 100) a run for his money over the long term.

You will want to bookmark Progressive Punch, not just for the fun of checking out scores, but also because it is the one place I have found where you can actually track your duly elected officials voting records on specific bills.


KevinBBG said...

I liked this progressive web site so much I did my own blog post on it:

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