Tuesday, August 14, 2007

William O'Neill for OH 14th

In case you've forgotten, Bill O'Neill is the fellow who ran for state supreme court in 2006 without taking any money for his campaign. The Village Green endorsed him in that campaign. His slogan was "No money from nobody," because he believes judges should not be beholden to anybody. He bought a printing press and he and his sons made all their campaign literature by hand.

O'Neill has lead a full and rich life, from distinguished service in Vietnam to raising four children after the untimely death of his wife to going back to school at age 50 to become a pediatric nurse. He has served on Ohio's 11th District Court of Appeals

Now he has given up his position on the court and is running for Ohio's 14th congressional district against Republican Steven LaTourette. Here are some of his reasons:

"My health is excellent, my kids are enjoying new adventures, and I have the two greatest jobs in America. I defend justice by day and help sick kids at night. I have gone from a dishwasher at Ohio University to a Judge and it would be easy to sit back and reflect on my successes.

But that is not my style. As Robert Frost wrote, I have “miles to go before I sleep”. It didn’t take long to know that my service wasn’t over – especially as I look at the country I have served my entire adult life.

I see an America that is on the wrong course – a nation bogged down in Iraq where the greatest army in the world is caught in the middle of a civil war they did not start and cannot stop. I see doctors, nurses, and patients stuck in a broken health care system that should be the crown jewel of our society but instead has become a national nightmare. And I see an industrial base that has been sold out by our leaders in Washington in the name of enormous profits for a few and an uncertain future for the rest of us."

Bill O'Neill is an amazing guy and if you live in his district, please go here and read about him and consider sending him some money. Heck, even if you don't live in his district, consider sending him some bucks. Since he's not running for a judgeship, he is indeed accepting donations for his congressional run. I encourage all my friends in the 14th to give him their full support. Don't forget, the old 14th was stolen away from Tom Sawyer by Republican gerrymandering. How better to take it back than with Bill O'Neill as your representative!


WestEnder said...

I've been an O'Neill fan since '04. Definitely the kind of person we should be electing.

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