Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Town Hall Meeting

Every time the candidates talk of earmarks, I think of earwigs, those ugly bugs that look so evil but are no serious threat to human life or our homes and gardens.

I switched over to CNN in order to watch the response graph of uncommitted voters. Obama is scoring huge on the health care discussion. Both candidates brought up support for nuclear power during the energy questions -- and I was very pleased to see precipitous drops in the response lines on the graph at the very mention of nuclear power. Nuclear power is so last century. We don't need more nuclear plants creating more dangerous piles of spent fuel that must be guarded for thousands fo years from terrorists and prevented from poisoning our air, land and water supplies.

McCain is promising some wild things tonight -- paying off mortgages and doubling the amount of tax emptions. Maybe I'm nuts, but I'd think that in terms of planetary health, we'd do much better to tax people for bringing more than two children into the world. Over consumption is the problem, so less consumers would be a good thing.

Maybe the economic crisis will lead to the death of capitalism, or at least the so called "free" market type. Free to be greedy is what it really turned out to be. Let's not stop at socializing the banking industry. Universal health care, anyone?

The format tonight is as tedious as the moderator. I am not a Brokaw fan. The constant nagging about time limits reminds us that the media is not so keen on letting candidates go into issues on any deeper significant level..

McCain's response line would bring the EMT technicians running with the paddles. Is there a heart beating in there? Thank dog it is finally over.

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