Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Donate for Change in the Senate

Joe Biden emailed me today -- wanted me to send money for the Obama-Biden campaign, but Chuck Schumer needed some of my money to help build a senate majority. I had to go with Chuck this evening. I've sent a few bucks to Obama since he won the primary. (Still waiting for that incentive campaign starter kit complete with yard sign, stickers and buttons.) But now I'm thinking that my puny amounts of money are best sent to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. They are competing in eleven states. The goal is to "elect a gridlock free senate majority."

I know I shouldn't get over confident four weeks out from the election, but damn -- last night's debate felt good! Obama looks good as president to be. McCain continues to embarrass himself. The old maverick role no longer fits his tired body, mind and emotional state. He has to face the fact that the only role he seems capable of playing these days is that of the cranky old man next door. And even in that role, he needs to do a whole lot of work to convince me of his so called "populist" campaign offerings. I can't picture him living next to me. The houses on my street are worth maybe $29,000, more or less. No condos in sight. Just a bunch of old houses in a neglected neighborhood near a toxic lake.

The senate has been the sticking point, the place where Democratic initiatives have been turned aside or stalled indefinitely. According to UPI, this election could give Democrats a filibuster-proof majority. Can't think of a nicer White House warming present for the Obama presidency than that. And it warms my heart to think of Al Franken giving speeches in the US Senate! A senate devoid of Ted Stevens and Liddy Dole -- imagine it! Then reach into your pocket and help transform the senate into Obama's engine for change.

Remember this Franken footage from the 2004 Democratic Convention?

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