Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A bitter voter in Kenmore

In the hills of Kenmore, a bitter voter proudly displays his bitterness along side his McCain/Palin sign. He'd rather the rich continue to get richer than vote for our best hope to solve the hideous problems that face our communities, country and the world.

McCain/Palin solve nothing. Their supporters still cling to ideologies from a fast receding century. We've watched as the "free market" was revealed to be the "greed market." We've all been trained to consume mindlessly and endlessly, but the diet of cheap plastic goods from China is turning out to be not very healthy.

Top executives, lawyers, bankers, financial market manipulators, medical specialists, college presidents and so on get pay increases at alarming rates. Meanwhile I'm lumbering along on my teacher salary, living in a house that I bought for 46k in 1999. It's probably worth about 50 cents now, and I don't even want to think about my pension. I am planning on working until I die unless we get some major changes in the way things are organized in this country. Sign me up for some wealth redistribution, please!


KevinBBG said...

A union leader in Pittsburgh (steel workers union of course) said that the Republicans got everyone worried about having their guns taken away and while they were scared to death of that the pubs came in and stole their jobs right from under their noses.

I bet most of those bitter gun owners still don't realize what happened. Probably thinks Obama did it.

Village Green said...

Your Pittsburgh anecdote sounds about right. I think the bitterness is nothing more than the realization that they aren't going to steal the majority in this cycle.