Saturday, June 28, 2008

Todd at House of Blues this Sunday

I'm looking forward to seeing Todd Rundgren again. It's been a while. As I looked through YouTube looking for an appropriate clip, I came across this one of Todd in his pod and I realized -- that was the last time I saw him live.

It was in Cleveland at Gray's Armory. For this tour, Todd's concept took individualism to new heights. In the center of the floor was a complex pod containing all the instruments -- guitars, keyboards, drums, plus various control panels that operated an amazing array of devices. Long metallic arms jutted out from top of the pod, from which were suspended plastic toys and video cameras. AT the press of a button, Todd could lower the cameras into the crowd, enabling people to become video artists as the cameras were feeding live into a bank of monitors circling the top of the pod.

Red and green lights were signals for the crowd to either stay off the outer ledge of the pod or to jump on it and drum along with sticks handed out by our intrepid master musical genius.

Tomorrow, Todd is at the House of Blues in Cleveland. I have no details on his current tour. Having seen him many times over the course of decades, I'm sure the show will be special pod or not!

Here's some great footage of Todd and pod in action in a concert in London:

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