Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin: We Like War

George Carlin never rolled over for anybody. I'm very saddened to read of his death. Here's one of his most potent routines. As we learn that the main stream media has cut way back on its war coverage, this one is more than apt. As in all Carlin routines, this one uses all the words that make some people cringe. And those were the people Carlin loved to target.

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terra said...

I'm so sad that Carlin's gone. He is such a free thinker - an inspiration. I could watch his routines for hours on YouTube. It was great!

I remember when this war started, I had to eat lunch in my car because my coworkers wanted to watch the war on TV in the lunch room - cause it was on 24/7 when it started. Now, you have to TRY to find it in the news. Our media is shameful.