Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama's campaign rep is busy in Akron

At a political meeting earlier this week, Obama's Summit County field rep was in attendance and spoke briefly. His name is Sol and he is the lead guy, but says that more will be arriving in the next few weeks. He already has a list of 3,000 local people to contact and get involved in the campaign. At the moment, Sol can be located via the local Democratic Party headquarters.

But if you are looking for tee shirts and bumper stickers, the only place to find them at this point is online and it takes about 3 weeks. was offering free Obama stickers, but they also say on the bottom -- which may be a problem for some folks.

So what is Sol doing while waiting for more people to join him? He's working on making contacts and goes down town every day to register voters. He says the Cascade Plaza bus stop has yielded over 5o registrations so far.

Apparently, the vaunted Obama grass roots effort is for real. Hope to see a lot of you out on the campaign trails this summer and fall.

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