Saturday, September 23, 2006

Village Green on Stage at Dante's in Portland Oregon!

You are looking at nametags that decorated the stage for Storm Large's Meet and Greet at Dante's in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, September 20. She made her first home appearance since the finale of RockStar: Supernova. I've been posting on her forum at since July, as have been many rabid new and old fans from around the world. When this event was announced a bunch of people posted whether or not they were going and those who weren't going expressed regrets.

A Ballzboard member by the name of "Stinkbug" designed name tags for all the online folks to wear at the Storm event on Wednesday, using a graphic anime-style image created by board member "PhoenixArtDesign" from Germany. Then Stinkbug actually took the time and trouble to make tags for everyone who couldn't be there and lined the edge of the stage with the tags. "RikkiStixx," another member of the forums, took digital images of all the tags (Scroll down the page to find them) and posted them on the boards the next day!

That was I got home from a long hard week on the job and find that in the past 24 hours, Storm has agreed to autograph all those nametags and "Stinkbug" will mail them to us if we send her a stamped, self-addressed envelope! Very cool!

The Ballzboards remain addictive not only because Storm and her boyfriend, bass player Davey Nipples, post there, but because the fans are such an interesting mix of people. There's a huge range of generations as well as gender orientations. The posting is lively, intelligent and kind-hearted. Most everybody there is not a reality tv fan. Many express amazement that they became hooked to this show. Every fan is of necessity a supporter of free speech and equal rights across all social, gender, and economic levels.

Reality TV has been my secret addiction. I try to keep it down to a few shows. Some are just too disgusting to waste any time on, such as Big Brother, Joe Millionaire etc. Rockstar's first season was very enjoyable. The second season was a huge drama that sucked me in and had me in its grip all summer long -- talk about manipulation of the audience. Whew. The Balboard forum was the place to go to immerse oneself in the drama, and then into who Storm Large really is and what her own music has addressed. Thousands of people arrive there on a quest -- to find out more about the one of a kind woman who rocked out for ten weeks this summer on CBS Primetime.

So thanks to Stinkbug for the card idea and to RikkiSixx for the photograph you see above, VillageGreen from Ohio appeared symbollically on stage in Portland this week! Next time I want to be in front of that stage at a Ballz show. Hoping they can put together a tour and that they come to NE Ohio.

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