Monday, September 25, 2006

The Village Green Endorses Sherrod Brown for Senate

My blogging here tends to run long. I'm going to keep this one short and to the point.

This week, Mike Douglas of the Akron Beacon Journal editorial page, pretends to be fair and balanced in his commentary on Sherrod Brown vs. Mike DeWine in the race for the Senate, but it comes across as one big orgasm over the candidacy of Mike DeWine. Douglas adores Mike's ratings by the National Journal:

"The National Journal rates senators and representatives, charting votes as liberal or conservative. In 2004, DeWine voted 46 percent liberal and 53 percent conservative on economic matters, 49 percent and 49 percent on social issues, and 47 percent liberal and 51 percent conservative on foreign affairs. (Brown rated liberal across the board, his percentages in the 80s.)"

Douglas's entire column is one big smoke screen to hide his own support of corporate America and Big Business as usual. Either that or he really believes that having a senator who appears to sit on the fence is a good thing.

Here is is, short and simple, my endorsement of Sherrod Brown for US Senate, with three major reasons to vote for Sherrod Brown:

1. Sherrod voted against the Iraq war. (DeWine voted for it.)
2. Brown will not vote for another anti-women's rights Supreme Court Justice. DeWine voted for Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court and would do so again.
3. Ohio is going down the tubes, economically and its education system is in need of major repairs. DeWine, a representative of the ruling Republican party, had his chance and lost it. It's time to swing to the left.

Dear friends and anonymous visitors -- click on the Tip the Balance graphic above, which will take you to an online donation page for Sherrod Brown. He needs some more dough. DeWine's got the support of the folks with money. I've contributed $100 to Brown this year. I hope to scrape together another $50 before the end of October. Come on -- open your wallets -- you'll feel so damn liberal your heart will get all warm and fuzzy. Time to get over that "bleeding heart liberal" designation! Embrace the positive, vote for progress as well as change -- vote for Sherrod!

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Village Green said...

I am seriously considering changing my endorsement to that of candidate Nobody, since Sherrod Brown chose to vote with the Republicans for Bush's detainee and torture bill today: HR 6166, Military Commissions Act of 2006. It weakens the Geneva conventions and allows military tribunals to prosecute "terrorists" without use of habeus corpus. I am apalled that he would vote for such a bill.