Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can I take that endorsement back?

Sherrod Brown voted for the Republican "compromise" terrorist trial and torture bill today. It weakens the Geneva convention rules and disallows habeus corpus for terrorist suspects. From a BBC report:

"The new measures provide defendants with more legal rights than they had under the old system, but it eliminates their right to challenge their detention and treatment in federal court.

The bill forbids treatment of detainees that would constitute war crimes - such as torture, rape and biological experiments - but gives the president the authority to decide which other techniques interrogators can use."

I am sickened by this vote. His motivation can only be coldly political. If he actually believes these rule changes are ethical in any way, then I'm not going to vote for him after all. I won't vote for DeWine either. Is the Socialist party on the ballot? A nice choice we have -- the Cut and Run party or the Loot and Pillage Party.

I'm going to write an email in protest to my 13th district congressional representative before I hit the hay tonight. I may be draping the Sherrod Brown bumpersticker in black crepe tomorrow as I go into mourning for the death of principled reasoning once again.

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