Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More jobs lost in Akron

So 40 ABJ staff members are gone in 60 days. That's a huge chunk. Sounds like they are cutting way back in the sports department. And 4 photographers gone too. The newspaper business is not the best career path these days. They've got to find a way to make money via the internet. What they do is an essential to a good life in the village. We need to have a reporter there when we can't be. Someone who can ask the tough questions and who can write with economy and intelligence.

I would buy an online subscription to the ABJ. They could sweeten the deal by setting up real discussion boards, not just the annonymous comments after the select few stories of the day. A side question here -- I wonder who has been in charge of selecting which stories get the comments feature? Sometimes they pick the silliest stories, like the one on how much it costs to buy school supplies for your kids. A permanent discussion board would allow us to keep posting on specific topics instead of having to blurt out an opinion before the story vanishes into the 7 day archives.

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