Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just a few thought inbetween other tasks

Lots of school stuff to get ready. I don't want to use this blog to go on about work. Trying harder this year to leave work at work. I might have a few things to say about the school levy later on this fall. Right now I just want to wallow in the waning days of summer, with lovely cool nights now and no need for air conditioning.

The Project Runway episode airing tonight was charming with all the moms and sisters brought in so that the designers could create fashions for the "every day woman." The show's appeal is far reaching. I know straight guys who watch it! It's the design process that attracts -- the sketching, shopping for fabric, cutting and piecing, long hours of sewing and the occasional ego and personality conflicts -- it's all so unlike anything else on TV, even though it is of the reality genre. Tim Gunn, of Parsons School of Design, is a gem of a mentor. I find myself telling my students -- "make it work" and "carry on!" It's that positive tone in the face of sometimes disasterous design problems that is so inspiring.

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