Monday, August 28, 2006

An Akron Weekend

Transitioning out of summer back into school and the set-up seems to be designed to help us all get our acts together without too much stress. Students don't show up until Wednesday, so this is a three day week for them, and with Labor Day ahead we'll have a four day week following. So it's not until the third week of school that we must have worked up the stamina for five whole days in a row.

The weather is in transition as well. The temps are in the 70s this week with cooler nights and a hint of autumn. Lovely drizzling rain all day today. Nothing pell mell, and a nice misty hazy sort of atmosphere.

Saturday I headed to the Highland Sq Festival, delayed a week by weather. Lots of good art at affordable prices! Much better stuff than the Arts Expo. I bought two Jamie Gellner designer scarfs, each a masterpiece! Could not resist a John Sokol print of Samuel Beckett formed from words taken from Godot -- for only $20. I purchased a DVD documentary of PR Miller, The Grizzled Wizard of Waste Not Want Not. And ordered a cool Akron tee shirt. Ran into lots of folks -- it was all very fun and festive too!

By Sunday I was ready to spend a relaxing day at home. Music on, laundry going, picking up and sorting things that need to go to school, things that need to go to Goodwill and things that need to be put where they belong. As the objects go to their proper places, the path ahead starts to appear. "Lesson plans" -- an ugly term if there ever was one. More like creating a structure out of which various projects and entertainments will spring forth.

In between bouts of cleaning and sorting, I finished up "See Delphi and Die" by Lindsey Davis, another in the clever series of Roman mysteries featuring Marcus Didius Falco, an informer. This one is great fun! Falco and his wife set off to solve the mysterious deaths of two young women in Greece who happened to have booked from the same travel agency. So we get some wonderful "views" of Corinth, Olympia and Delphi and learn how those oracles worked their magic. Took a couple of hours to finish it and as the book ended so did my summer vacation mind-set.

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