Monday, May 25, 2009

Summit Lake, neglected and trashy

There's a beautiful new section of the Canal Towpath that cuts across the southeastern portion of the lake. Too bad the lake is so toxic and perpetually neglected by whichever entity is in charge of maintaining it.

I've never seen so much trash bobbling all along the shoreline as I have this year. There are no trash cans for the public's convenience, therefore the public who show up every day to fish (ew! Imagine eating fish that some how manage to live in a lake bottomed by generations of nasty industrial waste.)

On my to-do list this week is to contact Keep Akron Beautiful and see if they can do anything about greening Summit Lake. With the next section of the towpath due to come right through the lake (and I assume the eastern shoreline is just as bad), now would be the time to start addressing clean-up issues.

Along with the trash cans, a dispenser for doggie waste bags could be a way to train the locals to pick up after their canine pals. At points along the shoreline, one can connect a dog barking from across the street to a sudden onslaught of dog poop underfoot. Sheer laziness. They don't want the poop in their own yards, so they let the dog go across the street to poop where others pass by every day. Grrr!

Much as I love sharing the lakeside with ducks, geese and blue herons, I have to be sure to wear a really old pair of shoes when walking by the lake. I wonder if the city has one of these:

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