Saturday, May 16, 2009

Down the garden path

Why am I hearing "torture" non-stop all over the mediaverse? Anything except deal with real-world problems how to provide health care for all. And stop global warming while switching over the economy to one that is based upon sustainability, fair trade while discovering the least toxic ways of conducting our every day lives. While the politicians squabble, squack and balk at genuine reform, my thoughts retreat to the back yard and garden.

Here at the Village Green, today's intermittent showers made it a perfect day for mudding in the vegetable garden. Dunkler's Farms is the place to go for reasonably priced flats of tomato varieties. I put in Mr Stripey, Beefsteak, Roma, Yellow Pair, Heirloom and Pink tomato plants, along with basil, catnip, lettuces, and finger eggplants. Will be doing beans and peas and maybe some peppers. I hope to get the flowerbeds done by Memorial Day.

Hamlet has been amazed by the gardening activities, and is especially excited by water coming out of the garden hose. The vegetable garden is fenced in with a mulched path all around it -- which has turned into a Sheltie dog track. Hamlet zooms around it non-stop until he can zoom no more, then suddenly drops to the ground in a thicket of violets or pile of leaves. The path is also very useful for extended chase and fetch the ball sessions, as seen above.

Hard to believe our last puppy class is over this week. We've learned and continue to practice the basics. Hamlet is great at sit, down, stay, go to your spot, and shake a paw. Since he's in the throes of teething, dropping his toy has been difficult to master as his instinct is to chew chew chew on every object that goes into his mouth. But today we had a big breakthrough with fetch and drop it. It's fun to see the light go off in his eyes when he figures out what behavior makes the treat appear as I praise him lavishly.

We are also making strides with leash work and finally made it out the driveway and down the street to Summit Lake this morning where he was mesmerized by the waves lapping the shore, the geese and ducks and kids on bicycles. He's a cautious pup, but getting bolder every day.

After a long day of adventures, he's one pooped pup, but manages to keep an eye on me while I'm over here at the computer.

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KevinBBG said...

Glad to hear you two are getting along so well. You still have a cat, don't you? How are they getting along?

After watching the Dog Whisperer it seems everyone's big problem is not establishing themselves as pack leader. The dogs are actually happier when they know the rules and know someone is in charge. Seems like you are taking care of all that.

Alpha male that I am I have both cats acting like dogs in that they know I'm in charge and come when I call. Actually it's more like they are kittens and I'm the daddy.