Monday, April 21, 2008

Talkin' Trash for Earth Week

What's the trashiest place you've seen in Akron?

In addition to Summit Lake, I also nominate Russell Ave., the stretch that runs from Dart to Manchester Rd along the expressway. Looking at all the plastic bags, fast food detritus, and other assorted garbage makes me think of New Jersey. Yes, the so-called Garden State, which I happened to be in over spring break. There I saw the worst litter I've seen in decades, going back to before Lady Bird's Highway beautification movement.

The pictures above is of a stretch of road just off the highway in an industrial area close to Newark International Airport. The trash was so thick if you walked through it you'd need wading boots. Tires, rubble, plastic, paper -- you name it, it was there. Below, note the white spirals clinging to the chain link fence. They are formed from plastic bags that the wind wrapped around wire that is stuck in the fence. Not my idea of modern art. I wouldn't call it post-modern -- I'd call it an ugly display of a world drowning in plastic.

Instead of waiting for some group to gather to pick up trash this week, why not go out and tackle an ugly spot on your own or with a couple friends. Keep Akron Beautiful!


emily said...

hahahh! i love this! we in the "dirty jerz" do this on purpose! it's the state joke that we line the turnpike with trash to keep all the visitors away! (after all, we are the most densely populated state in the nation!) anyway, i don't know how much of the state you saw, but there are many beautiful places. Hacklebarney State park is a great place for picnics, hiking and swimming, beaches, farms, and let us not forget about Jockey Hollow, the national park and site of the American Revolution...anyway, i know we need to clean up a bit, but i mean come on...are you familiar with the "mistake by the lake?"

Village Green said...

Hi Emily --

Didn't mean to dump on NJ in particular. I'm sure we all have our areas of embarrassment in every state. The point is -- do we wait around for someone else to clean it up or take some direct action?