Saturday, April 26, 2008

Glorious spring!

Spring has sprung in my garden. Today the lilacs opened up with their intoxicating perfume, and next to it the pink dogwood went from tiny little nubs to full out bloom in the matter of a mere two days.

Ferns are popping up all over the shade garden, along with hosta leaves, columbine, and a bleeding heart just going into bloom. The tulips are almost past their peak, and the white and blue violets are artfully carpeting the stone borders of the beds.

I bought some pansies at Giant Eagle. noting how much more expensive they are this season. I expect that will be the way of it in every garden store this growing season. This might be a good year to divide some overgrown perennials and trade with other gardeners.

I did my first mowing today. I prefer shrubs, flower and vegetable space more than great vast expanses of lawn, so I don't need anything more than a push mower and an electric weed whacker.

The compost bin was ready for some attention today. I raked up some leaves that had been sheltering various plants over the winter and layered them over all the food scraps and coffee grounds. Which reminds me, someone asked me to plug their compost bin web site. I haven't had any need to look for a new compost bin since the Rubbermaid model I've been using for over ten years is holding up very nicely. However, I did visit the compost bin site and marveled at the wide array of types and sizes. The latest models on display here include some that can supposedly handle pet waste. I'd want to check into them a little more thoroughly before buying one, as I didn't think one could safely turn dog and cat waste into usable compost.

And finally, for something completely different in the way of growing your own produce, check out the Science Barge now docking in Manhattan. Can't you picture some of these going up and down the Ohio Canal each summer?

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