Thursday, March 13, 2008

New play: "The Blogger" at CPT

This just in via NEOhioPAL -- a new play about blogging at Cleveland Public Theatre. Check it out:

The Dark Room is proud to present Cleveland playwright Greg Vovos's new play "The Blogger", directed by James Mango.
The Blogger finds that spreading his message to “the people” is no small task. Following the dictates of his audience, Vince skips out of rehab, leaves his wife and goes on the road in search of meaning and finds…Britney?! It’s a journey across America and then some.
Tuesday April 1st at 7:00 pm
at The Church @ Cleveland Public Theater
(look for the small church located just east of the Cleveland Public Theater parking lot)
6415 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102
Along with this featured new play-in-process, we will also have:
scenes from "MacBushed" by Tim Tyler
a scene from "Unethical" by Margi Herwald-Zitelli
and "Rose Colored Glasses" by Pat Stansbury.
6:30pm - Writers and actors sign-up for open session
7:00pm - Readings begin
Suggested donation of $5 is welcomed at the door, but not required.
Come on down and enjoy The Dark Room--an evening of new work development and networking with friends and colleagues, co-presented by The Cleveland Theater Collective and Cleveland Public Theatre.
Derek Koger
Curator and Host
The Dark Room

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Jane S. said...

Saw it Fourth Wall this past weekend. It's awesome.