Sunday, March 09, 2008

Digging Out

Akron's main arteries are cleared. Residents all over the city spent quality time digging out of our driveways today, only to find that our neighborhood streets had not been touched yet. My short little avenue happens to be one of the steep slopes that is on the list of streets that get plowed, so all I had to do was tackle my long drive way.

I had to pay particular attention to the huge pile that was dumped by the snow plow at the junction of drive and street. The snow was deep and very heavy. Being in the risk category (over 40 and overweight), I took my time and didn't rush it. A good citizen had already taken care of the sidewalk in front of my house. Too bad there aren't more good citizens around, or at least one for each block in the city. The kids on their way to school tomorrow are going to face very few cleared side walks.

Most people start with their vehicles and then their driveways and by the time they are done with that, they are too tired or too busy to clear their sidewalks. So take care on your way to work tomorrow -- there will be many kids walking along the street instead of on the sidewalks.

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