Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowgoyles and dog plows

More snowgoyles are on the way, according to weather reports. 4 - 6 inches over night.

Which means it is time to go dig out the driveway one more time before the new snow arrives. I don't have a snow blower. Don't like the idea of running a machine in the middle of wet snowy weather. Plus buying something of that nature for use a few days per year doesn't seem very eco-positive.

So we dig out again and again this el nino winter season. Do some stretches prior to going outside. Dress warm with thick warm socks inside waterproof boots. Hamlet hates the snow shovel. It is a beastly intruder in his backyard snow agility wonderland. He prefers to engage in dog plowing round and round his race track.

One thing is for sure, Hamlet's coat is perfect for this weather.


Anonymous said...

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ThePoliticalCat said...

Did y'all quit blogging? It's been a long time since the last post. Fans miss ya and all that.

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