Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fill-er up at 3.99 per gal

Most gas stations I drove past yesterday were at 3.86 and I was down to less than a quarter tank. I was going to stop and fill it before the Memorial Day weekend, but somehow found myself back at home before doing so.

So this morning on the way to school, the radio told me that gas prices in Akron would be jumping up up up this morning due to something I didn't quite catch. Sure enough, by the end of the work day, gas prices were at 3.99 in and around Kenmore. I did a double take at the Marathon right across from the X-way entrance at Wooster-Hawkins - 3.88.9 -- a bargain! I pulled in and filled the tank. Total cost -- $43.65.

A couple months ago, I put down a $99 deposit on a Smart ForTwo car, finally making their way to the USA. They've been all over Europe, developed by Daimler AG in 1998. I'm on a waiting list with some 40,000 ahead of me! They are well made, and affordable and will make a good transition vehicle until the next generation of environmentally conscious cars become available. The Smart ForTwo has put a micro-hybrid into production, but it isn't available here yet. Maybe by the time they get to my name on that list, the micro will be available.

Check out this video of a Smart ForTwo crash test:

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Anonymous said...

If you call the Smart dealership in Bedford, you can be moved up the reservation list. We test-drove the Smart last weekend. Maybe I'll post about it this week. Anyway... the Bedford dealership has a list of about 30 people. If you wanted the Smart Pure, you'd be about 4th on their list. That means, if someone decided to pass on their Pure when it comes in, you're 3rd, and on and on.

I would also recommend driving the Smart. It's fun, but you feel every bump. We bought the Toyota Yaris. For the same price, we only lose 4 mpg, but we keep a back seat. Based on the crash test videos I've seen, I would actually feel safer in a Smart! But, I like Toyota's quiet engine, and a traditional manual transmission. I got a stick shift. The Smart is a manual automatic, which means you can drive an automatic, or a modified (clutchless) manual. I like the clutch. Still, the Yaris feels big. Why doesn't anyone make a small car anymore?!

We decided to get a new car after my Car Math post, in which I figured out that our Grand Vitara got 16 mpg (2 days to work) for $4. Crazy.